Patch Sheet Creator
Free for all Vermona™ DRM1 owners.
Patch Sheet Creator

As a lucky owner of Vermona™ DRM1 I built a Patch Sheet Creator and have decided to share my Web Application free. Perhaps others may find it useful, too!

Since I've got my Vermona DRM1 analog drum synth I have tried different settings with all those (72!) knobs. Some of my results were great, others were not. Eventually I started to write down patch sheets manually using paper and pencil. After several days of struggle the idea was born to build the Patch Sheet Creator to find my good results easily again

With the Patch Sheet Creator you can create different Sheets of your favorite settings. It's possible to save, adapt and print your Sheets for later reference.

Main Features:

  • All 72 parameters of Vermona™ DRM1 available
  • Web Application, no download required
  • Create unlimited Patch Sheets
  • Edit existing Patch Sheet
  • Save existing Patch Sheet as New (Template)
  • Optimized for Printing (US letter and DIN A4)
  • Recall your Sheets
  • No Login required
  • Its free, let's go: Patch Sheet Creator